K-Pop boy band BTS
K-Pop boy band BTS

Japan cancels all BTS shows over atomic bomb T-shirt

ANI | Updated: Nov 10, 2018 23:41 IST

Tokyo, [Japan] Nov 10 (ANI): A Japanese TV network cancelled all the scheduled shows of K-Pop boy band BTS after one of the members, Jimin, sported a T-shirt which commemorated the liberation of Korea from Japanese rule in 1945 with an image of a mushroom cloud over Hiroshima as the background.
On Saturday, TV Asahi Corporation cancelled all the invitations of the shows they were about to perform in, reports Sputnik.
A disappointed fan who posted a picture of the shirt on Twitter said, "Can never accept the act that #BTS member wore the atomic bomb T-shirts humanely. The problem is not the relation between Japan and Korea. It's just humanity."

The designer of the shirt Lee Kwang Jae, the CEO of LJ Company, in an interview to a Japanese media outlet, said that the T-shirt was not manufactured to offend anyone.
"That part was not included to mock Japan. It was simply added to show the truth and the process of how the liberation of Korea came about when Japan surrendered after the atomic bombs," said Lee, as reported by Sputnik.
In recent times, the relations between South Korea and Japan hit a rough patch after a Korean court held Japanese companies liable for encouraging forced labours during World War-II.
Korean music and TV dramas are ruling the roost in the Japanese entertainment market. (ANI)