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Marcus Mumford (Image source: Instagram)
Marcus Mumford (Image source: Instagram)

Marcus Mumford dismisses rumors of leaving rock band amid announcement of first solo album

ANI | Updated: Jun 26, 2022 04:40 IST

Washington [US], June 26 (ANI): British-American singer and songwriter, Marcus Mumford dismissed rumours of splitting up with his folk-rock band 'Mumford and Sons' while announcing his first solo album.
As soon as the news of Mumford's latest solo album emerged, various radio stations and websites reached the conclusion that the British rock band was supposedly breaking up, reported Variety. However, at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre, the 'Guiding Light' singer confirmed that he was 'still in' the band, offering a piece of his latest album, alongside singer Brandi Carlile.
During the encore portion of the yet-to-be-announced album, Mumford and Carlile sang a collaborative ballad which according to the former would be put in the closing track of his latest album. Carlile, known to fame for her song 'The Eye', praised her 'soulmate' Mumford for his 'brave and spectacular piece of music'.

"This is a person that I consider to have become a soulmate of mine, and he's making a really brave and spectacular piece of music that we are really honoured to share with you for the first time. Please welcome, the one and only Marcus Mumford," said Carlile, as reported by Variety.
Mumford also highlighted the 'impact' his 'friend Brandi' had on his life and revealed that he had composed the new record with the due 'permission' of his rock-folk band.
"...what an impact my friend Brandi has had on my life since we became friends quite a long time ago now. And I was in the process of making a record -- with the full blessing and permission of the band that I'm still in," confessed Mumford, as reported by Variety.
The four lines of the song was sung by Mumford while his friend and singer Carlile joined in for the remainder of the tune. The lyrics talk about forgiveness after a bitter parting. However, according to Variety, the lyrics have no resolution with Mumford leaving his band.
In addition, the 'Mumford and Sons' member's appearance with Carlile, revealing the ending portion of his latest album indicated that Mumford was not too concerned about keeping the album under tight wraps anymore. (ANI)