Party like the Swiss at these top carnivals

ANI | Updated: Feb 14, 2018 13:30 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 14 (ANI): When the Christmas festivities are over and the January blues are behind, Switzerland comes alive to celebrate their 'Carnival' or 'Fasnacht'. Traditionally most carnivals last up to Ash Wednesday with each town reveling in their own unique traditions.

With an orgy of colors, lights, music and parades, the only thing you won't be doing during a Fasnacht is sleep. If you are new to Switzerland and haven't joined in the festivities before - why not go along to a Fasnacht celebration this year?

Basler Fasnacht, Basel

19th to 22nd February 2018

The Basel Fasnacht is Switzerland's biggest carnival that is held exactly at 4.00 AM on the first Monday after Ash Wednesday. Over the next three days Basel's streets are filled with different festivities. The city lights in all of Basel shut down, while the streets are filled with masked pipers and drummers who walk through the city's old town. Fasnacht music is performed by 'Cliques', groups generally consisting of locals who march around Basel playing piccolos, drums and other musical instruments.

Lucerne Fasnacht, Lucerne

8th to 13th February 2018

The Lucerne Fasnacht is one of the liveliest and biggest event in Central Switzerland. The carnival is the largest annual event held in the city of Lucerne where locals of the town are seen on the streets with wild and wonderful masks, playing loud music on trumpets, horns and drums. The celebration begins with the signal of a gun shot from the Town Hall post which there is a parade of big bands, lights and lanterns from Luzernerhof to Waldstatterstrasse. The partying continues until midnight in the old town.

Zurich Fasnacht, Zurich

16th to 18th February 2018

Zurich is the largest and most liveliest city in Switzerland. The Fasnacht hosted in this city is an annual event and the hallmark of the local community. The highlight of the carnival celebrations is the colorful and joyous parade that goes all around town. About fifty traditional music groups including the famous Guggenmusik lead the procession throughout the streets. With so much exuberant activities around, this carnival can prove to be the just the right time to land in this beautiful nation. (ANI)