Taylor Swift and Stephen Colbert
Taylor Swift and Stephen Colbert

Taylor Swift disagrees with Stephen Colbert about origin of song 'Hey Stephen'

ANI | Updated: Apr 14, 2021 22:51 IST

Washington [US], April 14 (ANI): American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift recently appeared on 'The Late Show' where she and host Stephen Colbert disagreed about the origins of her song 'Hey Stephen' from the album 'Fearless'.
According to E! News, the 31-year-old pop star dropped by 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' on Tuesday, where the host asked whether the song from her recently re-recorded 2009 album 'Fearless' was actually written with him in mind.
Indeed, before the segment began, Stephen showed throwback footage from a 2009 episode of his Comedy Central show 'The Colbert Report' during which he had boasted about the singer sending him a signed copy of the original album.
During the new episode, Stephen asked, "You recently recorded Fearless (Taylor's Version), so I've got to ask, is the song 'Hey Stephen' about me?"
She responded that it wasn't, since she wrote it back in 2008 when she was 18, and Stephen Colbert, according to Taylor's calculations, was "probably about 44 years, 179 days old, give or take seven hours."

After Stephen commented that this was "shockingly specific", she shared that she recently "dug out my old mood board". Taylor then pulled out a large board covered in photos of the host, along with a picture of a large slice of pizza.
Stephen pointed out the photos of himself, and she fired back with, "Don't flatter yourself. 'Hey Stephen' is not about you, any more than my album 1989 is about the year you spent waiting tables in an Italian restaurant in the Northern area of Chicago that, by the way, serves a really incredible slice of pizza".
Eventually, Taylor claimed that the song was about author Stephen King and she explained that had it been about Stephen Colbert, she would have picked a different title.
She continued, "It's so obvious to call it 'Hey Stephen. You would call it something more detailed, right? Songwriting is all about the details, so you go, 'Hey, Stephen, I love you on the TV, and all the stuff you did on The Daily Show, and that time you were on Law & Order, you're 5'11", your middle name's Tyrone. Social security number is 335..."
As per E! News, Taylor then told the late-night personality, "Take the feeling that you're feeling, and just shake it off! Right? But that song is about you". (ANI)