The Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers share their story about coming back together

ANI | Updated: Mar 02, 2019 18:06 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 02 (ANI): Following the release of ‘Sucker,’ their first new track in nearly six years, at midnight on Friday, the band — consisting of brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin spoke about the circumstances surrounding their 2013 split.
People magazine cited an interview the brothers gave Z100’s Elvis Duran in which Nick said, “When it ended it was not good. It was a couple years of rebuilding our family, and in our mind it seemed impossible for us to do this ever again. We spent a lot of time filming again, and then I think we realized that there was a magic there we missed.”
Nick believes that the turning point for the Jonas brothers was when they started filming for a documentary about their life, which is going to be released on a later date.
He then said that he began the conversation about reuniting the Jonas brothers and after a couple of conversations Kevin and Joe came around. Fortunately, a lot of healing happened during the filming of this documentary. Now after almost a year, we currently are in the best place as a family, which according to me is the most important thing and from there, the music and the new chapter has just been incredible.
Joe gave a similar response and said that they first had to talk through a lot of things and issues to successfully become a group again. All three of us had to work through and understand what we were going through when we were that young.
Joe added, “It was interesting because for so many years we just put it under the rug. We all used to say that we are done, let us just try to rebuild our friendship and our relationship as brothers and it just happened in its own time.”
Kevin added that filming for the documentary together was like being “forced into therapy.”
He further added, “It was great because we had to have real conversations and not hold back, so for us, it worked out in a good way.”
The Jonas brothers have gone through a lot of change since they became the Teen sensations in the 2000’s. All three of them are now with their significant others Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sophie Turner, who they wanted to be featured in their comeback music video ‘Sucker’ as Jonas brothers.
Kevin said, “I’ve always been focused on my family, whilst for the last five years Nick and Joe have been doing their own thing, but now to come back and be doing this as a family again, and honestly bringing them along with us, it’s going to be such a different day. Also being there to support each other in our individual lives, and what we care about, not think of it as a deterrent from the group but part of it.” He continued, “It kind of shows in the video, we’re bringing our family together.”
As The Jonas Brothers band disbanded, Kevin majorly tried to stay out of the limelight and focused on his family, Joe continued to sing lead songs with his band DNCE and Nick commenced on to have a solo career and married Priyanka Chopra in December last year
“It’s kind of like coming out of retirement a little bit,” Kevin said. “It took time to get back into music again, doing the thing that was such a part of our life, but now it feels incredible to work together again. I never thought it was going to happen because when people say, ‘Things were bad’ they were. It’s so cool to be supporting each other as individuals and to come back here now.”
“There’s things that are a challenge, like remembering certain lyrics, and other things, but what Joe spoke about too, the magic, I can’t stress that enough too,” he said. “The benchmarks I’ve had in my career never added up to what I had with my brothers.” He also mentioned that playing together as a band just came back naturally to us.
According to them, ‘Sucker’ is just the start of what they have in store for their fans.
“We’ve got a lot of songs that are recorded,” Joe said. “When we figured out what the sound was going to be like — balancing Nick’s sound, DNCE’s sound, and Kevin bringing so much heart into it — has been really incredible. It was just really important to blend the three. We have 30-40 songs that we are excited to release, so I think in the next few months you’re going to hear more.”
“We’re trying to mix it up, fuse all of our different sounds together, and mix the rest of our music with older influences like the Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac ” he said.
Buzz about the reunion of The Jonas Brothers started back in January 2018 when the Instagram account of the same was reactivated after almost five years. Although there were no photos, videos or snapshots posted until Thursday, when they officially announced their return.
Last week, a source confirmed to People that the band will be coming together to release new music, revealing that Nick, Joe and Kevin had a breakfast meeting at the Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles in early February. (ANI)