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Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Tory Lanez allegedly screamed at Megan Thee Stallion to 'dance' before shooting her foot

ANI | Updated: Dec 15, 2021 20:23 IST

Washington [US], December 15 (ANI): Rapper Tory Lanez had allegedly ordered Megan Thee Stallion to "dance," before firing a gun, that struck her in the foot after a party last year.
According to Fox News, this revelation was made during a court hearing on Tuesday in which Los Angeles Police Detective (LAPD) detective Ryan Stogner testified that Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, shouted the order before shooting the 26-year-old in the foot, according to multiple reports on Tuesday.
"[Megan] observed Mr Peterson holding a firearm, and then she observed him start to shoot. Megan immediately felt pain to her feet, observed blood, fell to the ground, and then crawled to an adjacent driveway of a residence. ... She described her injuries as bleeding profusely," Stogner said on the stand, as per a news outlet.
It was only after the alleged shooting that Peterson apologized to Megan, real name Megan Pete before he "offered her money and begged her to please not say anything," according to Megan's account. Megan also told the detective that Lanez made "a reference to the fact he was already on probation."
Lanez, who was rumoured to have been dating Megan, was present in the courtroom listening to the testimony, the outlet reported, adding that his attorney questioned the detective on whether he had asked Megan "how much she had to drink that day."

The detective also relayed that Megan recounted Lanez being intoxicated during the July 2020 incident, according to TMZ. Following the shooting, Megan had released an op-ed calling for the protection of Black women.
In the piece titled, 'Why I Speak Up For Black Women', the hip-hop star wrote that "Black women are still constantly disrespected and disregarded in so many areas of life."
She wrote, "My initial silence about what happened was out of fear for myself and my friends. Even as a victim, I have been met with scepticism and judgment. The way people have publicly questioned and debated whether I played a role in my own violent assault proves that my fears about discussing what happened were, unfortunately, warranted."
As per Fox News, however, Lanez has maintained his innocence. The day after the rapper was charged, Lanez tweeted that "the truth will come to the light" and "a charge is not a conviction."
Megan has had a breakout run in the past two years that has put her among the biggest stars in hip-hop. She was nominated for artist of the year at the MTV Video Music Awards, was the musical guest on the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live', and her guest stint on the Cardi B song 'WAP' helped turn the track, and music video, into a huge cultural phenomenon. (ANI)