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5 bizarre laws around the world that will leave you puzzled

ANI | Updated: Jul 05, 2022 20:12 IST

New Delhi [India], July 5 (ANI): We all need some respite after dealing with everyday tiresome and monotonous work life. And when exhaustion marks our tired souls, what's a better option than embarking on a vacation to some distant land?
But, hold up! Before you pack up your bags and set forth for a travel spree, you must be aware of some of the laws imposed by certain countries. Rules, regulations, and culture are something which is distinct in every country. However, some destinations uphold certain bizarre laws, which will definitely make you think twice.
1. Chewing Gum is forbidden in Singapore

Thinking of having chewing gum while in Singapore? Well, ditch that idea immediately. Singapore has banned the sale, possession, and use of chewing gums since 1992. Anyone who is found selling or having them has to pay a huge fine of USD 100,000 and they can even be prisoned for up to two years.
According to the law in the country, chewing gums are responsible for damaging the environment as they take many years to decompose and continue to accumulate. However, in 2004, the law was somewhat relaxed and people could have chewing gums provided they had a proper doctor's prescription.
2. Flushing the toilet after 10 pm is considered noise pollution in Switzerland

If you have the urge to pee after 10 pm in Switzerland, we are sorry, but you can't flush your toilet before 7 in the morning! Yes, although it sounds strange, such a law exists in the cold snowy land of Switzerland. Flushing one's toilet between the period of 10 at night and 7 in the morning is considered to be noise pollution there, so people avoid the practice.
3. No clicking selfies with Buddha while in Sri Lanka

Do not dare to click a selfie with Buddha statues while in Sri Lanka. Apparently, facing one's back to the idol and taking a picture poses a serious offence in Sri Lanka. In such a case, you will be forced to delete the pictures and if you fail to comply, the police will be called in to take you in. You are only allowed to click photos standing next to the Buddha idol, with your body facing the statue.
4. Forgetting your wife's birthday in Oceania's Samoa may lead to imprisonment

The answer to many women's complaints of their husbands forgetting their birthdays lies in Oceania's Somoa. The country of Samoa has declared it illegal to forget one's wife's birthday. The wives have full right to lodge a complaint about this mistake to the police, for which the husband might have to spend some time in lock-up and make up for his forgetfulness to his wife.
5. Do not feed pigeons in Venice

Don't show your love for pigeons while you are visiting Italy's Venice. The large population of pigeons in major tourist attractions in Siena Cathedral, St Mark's Square, and Milan's Duomo pose a major difficulty as these birds might cause health problems and also damage the monuments. So, if people are found feeding the pigeons they would be charged up to 700 euros, as per the Italian government. (ANI)