After Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein accused of sexual harassment by TV producer

ANI | Updated: Oct 18, 2017 12:54 IST

Los Angeles [U.S.A], Oct. 18 (ANI): In a shocking turn of events, Bob Weinstein, brother of studio mogul Harvey Weisntein, is now being accused of sexual harassment.

Amanda Seagel, the former executive producer in The Weinstein Company, claimed that the producer repeatedly made unwanted advances toward her, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Talking a leading U.S. publication, Seagel confirmed that the harassment started last summer and went on for approximately three months.

The harassment stopped when her lawyer David Fox informed about the inappropriate behaviour to executives of the company.

Seagel's other attorney Suann MacIsaac shared, "Amanda Segel was the victim of sexual harassment by Bob Weinstein. As she eloquently put it, the word 'no' should be enough' for any woman. Unfortunately, it was not in her case Ms. Segel should be applauded for coming forward with her truthful allegations. The efforts to deny the harassment are shameful."

Meanwhile, Bob Weinstein's attorney Bert Fields has refuted the harassment allegations.

He said, "Bob Weinstein is riddled with false and misleading assertions by Ms. Segel and we have the emails to prove it. There is no way in the world that Bob Weinstein is guilty of sexual harassment, and even if you believed what this person asserts there is no way it would amount to that."

According to Segel, her discomfort with Weinstein started in June 2016 when he invited her to dinner at Dan Tana's restaurant in Los Angeles.

She had been told by co-workers that the Weinstein Co. head had inquired whether she was single or not. She agreed to dinner in an effort to establish a professional relationship, given that 'The Mist' was one of the production company's shows.

Over dinner, Weinstein made romantic overtures to Segel, she alleges, and asked her intimate questions before asking her age.

Weinstein asked if Segel would drive him back to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he was staying at the time, and she agreed.

Once they arrived, he allegedly asked her to come up to his room - an offer she declined.

Segel says the inappropriate behavior continued after the first dinner. Weinstein would send emails to her with questions outside the purview of her work on 'The Mist', saying he wanted the two of them to be friends. She said that a non-romantic friendship was possible but that she was not open to dating.

Still, another uncomfortable moment occurred when Weinstein invited Segel to a party he was having at a house he rented in Malibu, but when she learned that it was not a party but actually an invitation for the two of them to be alone together, she declined.

These allegations come after the Weinstein Co. fired Harvey Weinstein, Bob's brother, after several women accusing him of sexual harassment. (ANI)