Late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain
Late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain died rich

ANI | Updated: Jul 06, 2018 22:53 IST

Washington DC, [USA] July 06 (ANI): Turns out, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain died rich.
According to TMZ, he died with around USD 1.2 million in assets.
Out of the million dollars in assets, USD 425,000 is cash, USD 250,000 worth in personal property, USD 35000 in brokerage accounts and around USD 500,000 in intangible property including royalties and residuals.
According to Bourdain's will, his only child, 11-year-old daughter Ariane, will be the inheritor of his properties.
Since Ariane is a minor, the will listed Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, his estranged wife as the trustee.
The will was signed in 2016 after Ottavia and Anthony called it quits.
Bourdain was known as a master of crafts in the kitchen. He has a number of cookbooks and television shows in his name.
He was also recognised as an advocate for marginalized populations and campaigned for safer working conditions for restaurant staffs.
In 2013, Peabody Award judges honoured Bourdain and "Parts Unknown" for "expanding our palates and horizons in equal measure."
Further, 'No Reservations' earned him two Emmy awards and a dozen nominations.
His cookbooks had also been recognised by various award fraternities. (ANI)