Charlie, an 11-year-old blind golden retriever with his Seeing Eye pooch Maverick, image courtesy: Instagram
Charlie, an 11-year-old blind golden retriever with his Seeing Eye pooch Maverick, image courtesy: Instagram

Blind Golden Retriever gets his own seeing eye dog and they are adorable together

ANI | Updated: Mar 23, 2019 17:11 IST

Washington D.C. [USA] Mar 23 (ANI): Human beings, having 'seeing-eye dog', is not a novel phenomenon. But have you ever heard of dogs having seeing eye dogs? Charlie, an 11-year-old golden retriever, has a seeing-eye pooch to give him company and the two share an absolutely pawesome relationship.
In 2016, Charlie’s owners Adam and Chelsea Stipe made a conscious decision to get his left eye removed after he suffered from glaucoma. However, things got worst and the pup lost his other eye soon after.  
But now that the Charlie has a new pal to help him navigate the world, a 4-month-old puppy">puppy named Maverick, things are looking up for him.
Maverick joined the North Carolina based family in January. While the two had a rough start, as they did not get along well, things gradually changed and they have since become inseparable. 
The two have become so close that Charlie relies on the puppy">puppy for almost everything from playing to eating. Sometimes, he even uses the little pup as a pillow.  
 “They’re both pretty crazy and special. They’re definitely our entertainment. When Maverick and Charlie play, it’s definitely great to watch because Charlie turns into such a puppy">puppy. It’s sweet to see them get along and enjoy each other” Today, an American talk show, quoted Chelsea as saying.
To document the adorable pup story and share their cute and fun moments with the world, the owners have created an exclusive Instagram account for the two furry buddies.
Introducing the pups to the world of Instagram, Chelsea and Adam posted a picture of the two pooches and in the caption wrote, “Hello there! Charlie and Maverick here. Just a couple of happy pups. Charlie is almost 11 years old and Maverick is 4 months old. Charlie had glaucoma which led to his double enucleation (both eyes removed). Now, Maverick is here to help Charlie around and Charlie is trying to teach Maverick manners. Definitely a work in progress.”
The social media account features a series of pictures featuring the two pups napping and playing together. (ANI)