Boxer Anthony Joshua faces backlash over misogynist comment

ANI | Updated: Mar 03, 2018 16:51 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar. 03 (ANI): British heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua is facing backlash over some misogynist comments said in regard to his niece.

In the comment, Joshua had said, " day you will be someone's wife, you have to learn family morals...what it is to be a good woman".

Enraged fans took to Twitter to show their displeasure on the misogynist insinuations.

One user wrote, ""He'll want to be a man's man. Spread his wings. Build his character..." So by that token should a woman not build her own character? No?! Character is just for men to have. Women are cardboards".

Another tweet by the same user read, "Society has spent centuries rearing women to be good wives yet failing to produce the good husbands who deserve them."

Another user wrote, "How Anthony Joshua can look at his niece, not as a child but as someone who is going to be a "wife" is really bemusing. Girls are hardly ever allowed to be. This isn't just about him, it's about everyone who shares this shitty, reductive view of little girls."

"Anthony Joshua letting us know his son is allowed to 'build character' whilst his niece must prepare to 'be a wife' Forget all the potential imbedded in her, forget her hopes and dreams because that's all she must prepare for in life apparently", wrote another.

One tweeted, "The dialogue that's occurring shouldn't be about Anthony Joshua as a person. Nobody knows him. No one can judge him. The dialogue should be about where this thinking stems from in the first place and the consequences of this thinking on boys and girls in general."

The controversy got the wind when the professional boxer answered the question 'Are you a strict dad?' for an interview.

His full comment read: "I don't think I'm that strict with Joseph, I don't know why. But with my niece I'm strict. I think it is because she is older, but also he's a boy - he's going to be a man's man, he'll want to spread his wings, be a Jack-the-lad, build his character. But I am sure there are things I will be strict about. But with my niece, there is none of that Jack-the-lad nonsense for her! My view is you have to be a good woman, respectful, one day you will be someone's wife, you have to learn family morals...what it is to be a good woman".(ANI)