Chrissy Teigen (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Chrissy Teigen (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Chrissy Teigen slams body shamers on social media

ANI | Updated: Jul 13, 2019 15:51 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], July 13 (ANI): American model Chrissy Teigen slammed body shamers after a picture of her wearing a swimsuit became a meme.
According to US Weekly, the meme shows 33-year-old model along with her husband and singer John Legend enjoying a hot tub bathe and his contorted face looking in the general direction of her rear end. "When it suddenly hits you that your lady doesn't have any ass," the meme caption read.
"It's been 13 years and he knew the first night we met," she replied with a smiling emoticon.
When a second user posted the same picture writing, "I'm f--kin crying bruh," Teigen became defensive. "Everyone so used to ass shots and photoshopped Instagrams. I've had no ass forever. Is this new news to some of you?," she tweeted on Thursday.
In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, "F--kin lames wouldn't be able to stop blabbering if I got my ass done either. bored as all hell, never can win!"
A user was quick enough to respond over the reply of the model and wrote, "We laughing at his face ma. That's what makes the pic funny. Stay blessed."
"His face, looking at my ass, so nah," Teigen replied. "I see the comments you know. still, enjoy you."
But her Twitter opponent wasn't done. "Ma'am, If he wasn't in the pic, the pic wouldn't be funny. You know that right?" the user wrote.
Blasting at the user, she replied, "Yeah, His grossed out face looking at my ass. You don't need to explain this to me. I get it. I know the meme and I see the 100s of comments under it *about* my body and his reaction to it. You were clowning on me or his look at me. that's all."
The model-author was body-shamed in April also when a Twitter user called her chubby.
"I hate to say this are not a small person?" Teigen had said then. "Also I don't care about my weight sooooo this does not hurt." (ANI)