A still from Episode 3 of 'Game of Thrones'
A still from Episode 3 of 'Game of Thrones'

Did Night King really 'nail' 'GoT' episode 3?

ANI | Updated: May 01, 2019 20:52 IST

New Delhi (India), May 1 (ANI): Amid all the darkness that the fans complained of in the latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, Twitterati has found its new obsession which is utterly startling.
The Night King’s nails have become the talk of the town on Twitter as fans noticed the immaculate and maintained nails in episode 3 of the final season.
Ignoring all the darkness in the episode, the fans had their eyes gazed on the nails of the Night king during the Battle of Winterfell.
Some said that the nails need to be done properly, while some called them stiletto nails.
Here’s a look at the flood of Tweets which has nothing but the ‘nails’.

The finale season of the much-endeared series started airing on April 14. The next episode will air on May 7 and will be an hour and 18 minutes long.
The teaser of Episode 4 was released following the airing of Episode 3 on Monday. After the war against the Night King, the short video teased another impending battle between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow’s forces and Cersei Lannister’s army. (ANI)