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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Discovery acquires 'Killing Michael Jackson' documentary

ANI | Updated: Jun 03, 2019 22:35 IST

Washington DC [USA], June 3 (ANI): Fans of Michael Jackson can now watch the complete investigation revolving around the mysterious death of the global pop icon as Discovery International picked up a documentary titled 'Killing Michael Jackson.'
The documentary explores the intriguing circumstances around the death of the international singer. It has been picked up by Discovery for its channels in Italy, Germany and the Nordics. The TV giant will also launch the film on its Quest Red channel in the UK, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The hour-long documentary features three US detectives who led the original investigation into the controversial pop singer's death in 2009.
Uniting on screen for the first time since the trial of Doctor Conrad Murray - who was put behind the bars for the involuntary murder of Jackson - Orlando Martinez, Dan Myers and Scott Smith will re-examine the case a decade later and reveal to the audience details of their investigation.
The film promises to take you on a mysterious journey where the detectives will reopen their official Los Angeles Police Department case files and will give new disclosures to the film. The film will also show fresh perspectives and exclusive audio-taped interviews with both Murray and witnesses.
The documentary 'Killing Michael Jackson' will also explore the pop singer's and Murray's co-dependent relationship and examine the extent of Murray's accountability over the death of the singer. The film will reveal the complete details of Jackson's death, his actual passing and the immediate consequences through the eyes of the detectives and eyewitnesses which has never been disclosed on TV.
Matt Graff, managing director of Zig Zag Productions, said, "We are delighted that this documentary has been picked up in territories across the world".
"This film focuses on the intriguing circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson's death giving audiences a fascinating insight into the final moments of the pop star's life and the criminal process that lead to the arrest and conviction of Dr Conrad Murray." (ANI)