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Rahul Bose (Image Courtesy: Instagram)
Rahul Bose (Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Ever had a 'Rahul Bose moment'? Here is Twitterati sharing theirs

ANI | Updated: Jul 25, 2019 13:25 IST

New Delhi (India), July 25 (ANI): For those who thought that fruits aren't harmful to their existence, actor Rahul Bose showed the other side of the story which sent the fans into a frenzy!
The 51-year-old recently shared a clip on Twitter where he narrated an unexpected experience of paying Rs. 442 for two bananas at a plush five-star hotel.
The actor's call for some healthy snack took Twitter by storm and netizens couldn't hold themselves back from sharing their own 'Rahul Bose moments'.
Twitterati reminisced the moments when they had to pay for something that broke their banks. From Rs. 125 for a 'masala papad' to paying Rs. 3,000 for a haircut, people have had it all.
"My Rahul Bose moment was paying 125 rupees for one masala paapad," a user tweeted.

Another user shared a picture of a bill which seemed to be from some fancy restaurant featuring a hefty price.

A twitter user shared that his 'Rahul Bose moment' was when he had to pay around Rs. 437 for a Tomato Toast Sandwich.

This tweet from a user is sure to take you back to your childhood days and realise that we all had a 'Rahul Bose moment' back then.
"My rahul bose moment was when relatives gave me few hundred rupees when i was a small kid and my parents took it from me saying " bachche paise nhi rakhte" and gave a few chocolates on the spot as a compensation. And i f****** thought that was a great deal," the user tweeted.

Another user had a moment alike and tweeted, "Rahul I had my Rahul Bose moment exactly the way Rahul Bose had it. It was at Oberoi, Delhi and I had ordered a fruit platter on Shivratri for phalahaar. But I didn't care about the price because I was not paying the bills."