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Fans get emotional as 'Queer Eye' second season gets released

ANI | Updated: Jun 16, 2018 15:21 IST

New Delhi [India], June 6 (ANI): Netflix has dropped the new series of 'Queer Eye' and fans are finding it super-emotional from the get go.
The re-imagined version of the 2003 American TV show 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' has already started winning over fans.
One fan wrote, "Me: *gently crying on the couch* Mum: what are you watching? Me: ... @QueerEye Mum: oh honey, make sure you hydrate Me: *through snotty tears* yep, will do".

"One episode into @QueerEye season 2 and the woman is crying, her son is crying, the Fab 5 are crying, I'm crying, you are crying, my houseplants are crying,,,, bless this show", posted one user.

One fan shared a meme and wrote, "It's 7AM and I'm already crying my way through the first new episode of #QueerEye".

"Who told #QueerEye that they were allowed to just pop back up on my Netflix screen and make me cry less than halfway into the first episode without my permission?", one tweet read.

One fan wrote, "Happy #QueerEye Day everyone! May your guacamole be tasty, your hair be fierce, your shirts be printed, your confidence be boosted and your house be tastefully decorated in shades of blue and grey with some dark leather and airport posters and stuff."

One fan posted, "Today self care = binge watching @QueerEye and ugly crying tears of happiness."

One tweet read, "It stopped raining outside, I just finished @QueerEye S2E1 and I am a wreck after crying. I knew it will be touching, but boy I did not expect it to be this much. I will savor every episode and not binge watch. Don't want season 2 to end just yet. #QueerEye".

Dubbed by many as 'The Best Show on Netflix' currently, the show is about five people of the LGBTQ community, who are experts in fashion, food, grooming, design, and culture, meeting clueless and dejected men and guiding them towards their heart's desires through lessons in confidence, self-love and fashion.
The original show, 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' had a similar plot, with the episode beginning with The Fab Five in an SUV (usually in New York City, where the series was based) discussing the details of their subject's personal life and note problems in their various areas of expertise.
The five usually have a specific event for which they plan to prepare the subject, which included everything from throwing a backyard barbecue for friends to preparing to ask for a salary increase to proposing marriage. (ANI)