Five apps to beat your #MondayBlues

ANI | Updated: Nov 19, 2017 20:13 IST

New Delhi [India], November 19 (ANI): Do you feel lazy, stressed and sad right at the beginning of the week? Do you lack passion, motivation, and enthusiasm every Monday morning?

If the answer is yes, here are a few apps which will help you kick-start your week on a high:


Roposo, 'TV by the People' has different user-generated channels where one can post their photographs and videos as per interest. One can watch funny videos in 'HAHA TV' and start the week with a wide smile.

Moreover, one can also plan and look forward to the week with the help of the 'City Report' channel which reports upcoming events, restaurant reviews, celebrity sighting in one's city.


Netflix is quite popular among millennials these days. If you're a fan of shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist, or if you follow other originals like Master of None, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards, then Netflix is the best way to stay up to date and begin your week with the latest episodes of your favorite shows.


Hotstar is a live streaming app that lets one watch their favorite shows, movies, sports & live news on-the-go.

From Indian sitcom like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai to the American fantasy drama Game of Thrones, it has numerous options from across the world to entertain you as you start your week.


Music is an innate rhythm that helps one connect with self and other people. It has the power to cheer one up, motivate them, and even make them fall in love.

The Saavn catalogue includes 36 million tracks with some of the latest and exclusive tunes. It also provides an in-house curated playlist categorised by genre, artist and others to cheer you up on a gloomy Monday.


LIFT lets one enter a whole gamut of aspirations, from physical training to meditation, follow-up phone calls and daily writing.

One can monitor their daily progress by setting reminders and be notified when the task is accomplished by programming it into the app. LIFT will help one organize their week goals, monitor their progress, thereby making them feel positive.

Don't ruin your Monday because you have a 9-to-5 job and cannot spend your time as you please. There are multiple ways to beat Monday Blues and feel inspired, right at the start of the week. (ANI)