Luke Perry
Luke Perry

Here's how 'BH90210' honoured Luke Perry

ANI | Updated: Aug 08, 2019 19:52 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Aug 8 (ANI): American comedy series 'Beverly Hills, 90210' is finally here, featuring the main cast of the show. The premiere of 'BH90210', which was aired on Wednesday, honoured the late actor Luke Perry, who played the role of Dylan McKay.
When the cast reunited about halfway through the show's quasi-revival, Gabrielle Carteris made a comment about how excited she was that "we are all here." In a sombre moment, Jason Priestley then responded, "I wish that were true," reported Us Weekly.
Later in the episode, Tori pointed out that they were all a family.
"We're not all gonna be here forever," she said to the group.
"But we made something that will be." With that Priestley raised a champagne glass with a toast, "To Luke."
The episode ended with Jennie Garth and Spelling, watching an old episode of 'Beverly Hills, 90210'. Spelling laid her head on Garth's shoulder as they watched a scene of Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh.
"Welcome to paradise man. Welcome to your dream come true." The new show then zoomed in on the frame, with "For our friend Luke Perry. 1966 - 2019)" below the still.
Garth and Spelling, who developed the new show together, opened up about their late co-star on the Today show on Monday.
"The timing was something that seemed horrific, but in a weird, sort of universal way, it was a way for us to all be together during an incomprehensible, painful time. I think that that was really good for all of us actually and he was with us every second of the time," Garth said.
Us Weekly spoke with Spelling at the Peach Pit pop-up in Los Angeles on Sunday, who added that the cast "really wanted to honour him and to pay tribute" to their dear friend Perry, who they all miss.
"We didn't want to make it a spectacle or kind of make it feel like it was capitalizing on anything unfortunate that happened. What plays out in the first episode is a little bit based on the story that played out in real life," Spelling said.
Perry passed away in March before filming could begin. He played Dylan McKay for seven seasons of the series and had been planning on guest-starring in the new reunion series before his death.
Perry died at age 52 in March after suffering a massive stroke. 'BH90210' airs on Fox on Wednesdays. (ANI)