Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

Here's why Queen Elizabeth's gold piano is inviting online backlash

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2018 11:44 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 28 (ANI): Queen Elizabeth is facing an online backlash for her Christmas message video, which features a gold piano in the background.
In the clip, the queen was filmed sitting at a desk at the Buckingham Palace, delivering a message in which she encouraged people to treat others with respect, reported Fox News. But it was the gold piano, in the background, which caught people's attention.
Taking offence at the piano, people started expressing their displeasure on Twitter.
Scottish National Party politician James Dornan, in a not-so-subtle sarcastic tweet, suggested that a sing-along around the gold piano might cheer up the hungry and homeless people.
"'So sad all those people going to foodbanks and sleeping on the streets. So to cheer them up I suggest we gather round my gold piano with a rendition of My Old Man's a Dustman. That'll take their mind off the cold and hunger for a while. Do you see how hard being Queen is now?'" Dornan tweeted.
Asking exactly what needs to be asked, a user inquired if the piano is made out of gold. "Multi-billionaire tells people to be nice to others at #Christmas. A decade of austerity, massive homelessness and food bank usage, yet no irony in a room dripping in gold as the setting for #Queen's speech. Is that piano made out of gold? How many homes could that have paid for?" the tweeted read.
"Ah the Queen's message. I love getting yelled at by an old publicly-funded billionaire with a gold piano that we should all be happier and less angry," read another tweet.
While some called the queen out for showing off her wealth, others defended her.
Asserting that it should not surprise that the queen has a gold piano, a user tweeted, "Look personally I love the Queen's gold piano, is she supposed to stage a fake room for her Christmas address with IKEA furniture in it? she's the Queen."
"She's the freakin' Queen. If anyone should have a gold piano, it's her. Or Liberace," another user tweeted. (ANI)