Jason Momoa, Chris Pratt
Jason Momoa, Chris Pratt

Jason Momoa calls out Chris Pratt for using plastic water bottle

ANI | Updated: Dec 04, 2019 09:51 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 4 (ANI): Expressing concern over the climate crisis, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa pointed out Chris Pratt for using "plastic" water bottle!
The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star on Tuesday posted a picture of him on Instagram where he was seen sporting a fitness gear and surrounded by workout equipment.
In the caption, Pratt announced that he would be showing everything that he uses for his workouts and "keeping active", however, Momoa took note of the plastic bottle he is seen holding in the snap.

Momoa then voiced his concerns over the use of "single-use plastic" as he wrote in the caption.
"Bro I love u, but wtf on the water bottle. No single use plastic. Come on," the 'See' actor scribed.

The 'Game of Thrones' stars' comment isn't the first that he has spoken out on the environment. The actor has been active in sharing concerns on the ongoing crisis.
Earlier in April, he debuted a clean-shave look to talk about the harm single-use plastic causes.
"I just want to do this to bring awareness. The plastics are killing our planet and I think I have a solution," he had said in a YouTube video.
Momoa added that he doesn't intend to "b**ch about" and but there's only one thing which can help save the planet - "aluminium".
He continued, "About 75 per cent of all aluminium that's ever been used is still in circulation today and it's 100 per cent recyclable. So you drink the can and [in] about 60 days, it'll be back -- 100 per cent infinitely recyclable."
Moreover, he even voiced his opinion on the Ellen DeGeneres show where he elaborated on the beard shave movement and said, "I just wanted to bring awareness. I'm 'Aquaman' now and I have all these little, beautiful kids running up to me and I never thought I'd be a role model, so I've got to do that now." (ANI)