Medha Jaishankar
Medha Jaishankar

JetSynthesys inspires community engagement using its content distribution technology

ANI | Updated: Mar 07, 2019 14:28 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 7 (ANI): In this day and age of numerous OTT content platforms, Medha Jaishankar (producer) and Monika Patel (writer) from JetSynthesys Inc talk about their company’s proprietary distribution platform 'Publicam' and their plans to utilise the technology to target and inspire niche audiences.
- Can you tell us about more about JetSynthesys? It’s origin and how the company is faring in a highly competitive and rapidly expanding digital media and entertainment industry? (Your expertise and the challenges it has faced)
JetSynthesys has a very interesting origin story! The company began by making customised celebrity ring back tones for cell phones and have since branched out into mobile gaming and mobile content platforms - including Sachin Saga - Cricket Champions, 100MB - the successful cricket centric destination with Sachin Tendulkar, - a digital destination for mindfulness amongst many others.
Recently, JetSynthesys has been working with content companies like BBC Studios and Sony to create go to destinations, for their library of content. JetSynthesys is also using its technology to distribute its own content across several topics. Of late we’ve been making videos that address the intersection between spirituality and science, as well as content that educates and engages mature women with regards to post-menopausal challenges.
There is no doubt, content distribution and consumption is changing at a rapid rate! However, the Publicam platform, developed by Jetsynthesys, is unique. It is an effective tool to engage a niche audience in multiple ways. Publicam acts as a captive destination with feeds from various social media forms as well as an ability to share unique and relevant content to the niche, targeted audience. Currently, Publicam engages 36 million users. Jetsynthesys hopes to achieve as significant an engagement with other upcoming Publicam platforms.
- What is your fundamental aim behind targeting niche audiences?
There are numerous benefits to targeting a niche audience, especially from a branding perspective. By targeting a niche audience, you not only attract consumers interested in a particular topic, but also cater to their specific needs. Furthermore, Publicam can be used as a tool to actively engage consumers to the point of creating direct communication between users, thus facilitating the genesis of digital communities of various kinds. In the process platforms can be created to effectively engage audiences as opposed to passively watching video content.
- How will you use digital media to disseminate the information you are producing, explaining the link between Hinduism and science?
In recent years there have been many discourses on the intersection between science and spirituality. Quantum Physicists began the trend in the 1920’s and are, in fact, very influenced by Vedanta theory. We are producing content to demystify ancient Hindu traditions and show how Hindu scriptures have a scientific basis. We’ve been interviewing established thought leaders, with significant global following, on the subject. Our idea is to create a platform where all followers can congregate. We hope to engage believers and non-believers in deeper discussions on spirituality and religion and its intersection with science. There is increasing interest in this subject and Jetsynthesys aims to provide a safe and solid platform.
- What media platforms are you creating for mature women? Are you targeting a particular age group?
We believe women over 45 are highly underserved, especially when it comes to health education (physical and mental). In addition, there are very few online platforms where women can be candid about issues affecting them, at a turning point in their lives. As women, we understand how our gender thrives on solace and support from a peer group. Issues such as growing children, coping with divorce, aging parents, career development, widowhood, travelling alone, taking charge of finances are sensitive topics that can only be understood by women in similar situations. Using Publicam, we aim to produce content addressing the particular needs of this demographic. However, most importantly, we plan to create a safe environment where women are comfortable enough to engage with other women, ask the right questions and bare their souls. (ANI)