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A still from Kashi Film Festival inauguration
A still from Kashi Film Festival inauguration

Kashi Film Festival commences with efforts to give new identity to Uttar Pradesh

ANI | Updated: Dec 27, 2021 23:22 IST

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], December 27 (ANI): The Kashi Film Festival began today in Varanasi, which is known as the religious and cultural centre of North India.
Indian classical music and dance programs will be organized by eminent artists during this 3-day festival, which will run from December 27 to 29 in the city of Lord Shiva. Along with that, the memories of the famous philosopher poets, writers, musicians and the Banaras Gharana, who became famous in the country by staying in Kashi, will also be refreshed.
At the time of the program's inauguration, Minister of Uttar Pradesh Government, Neelkanth Tiwari, while referring to the tradition of Varanasi said that the heritage of the city is to give respect to others. The city has developed rapidly under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the recently completed Kashi Vishwanath Corridor is an example of that.
Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, who came to attend the festival, while talking to ANI said, "This is a big step by the Uttar Pradesh government and the central government, for film promotion in Kashi. Just a year and a half ago, we produced a Bengali film in Kashi, 'Abhijatri', so, I think it is a very good initiative. A lot of people from the industry have come to Kashi, and what needs to be seen is that there should be more contribution from the film industry to Kashi."
When asked about whether there is any political reason for organizing such festivals, he said, "We make films all the time. Be it a film being made on the border or in some state, whenever someone organizes it we go there. The film industry is beyond the boundary. If we are called, we will come. We would like our industry to get the benefit of whatever the government's initiative might be."

BJP MP Ravi Kishan, who came to participate in this festival, while talking to ANI said that "The Prime Minister's dream was to have grandeur in Kashi. We are celebrating the special festival of freedom. This festival will go a long way and lakhs of people will get employment from it."
Rejecting the allegations of such programs being organized in view of the elections, he said "We do such programs every day under the leadership of the Prime Minister. Our plans are becoming a reality. We are not holiday leaders. Some opposition leaders are like frogs during rain, no matter what is done, they do come out."
It's worth noting that Kashi Film Festival is being organized for the first time in the city of Lord Shiva in collaboration with the film fraternity, Uttar Pradesh Government, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Government of India.
During the festival, efforts are being made to show people the journey of Varanasi city from being a cultural, mythological and historical heritage to becoming a modern city.
At the same time, during this period, several films in different languages will also be shown based on the background of Varanasi. Also, at this 3-day festival, several famous artists including film actor and Bharatiya Janata Party MP Hema Malini will also be present. (ANI)