Kevin Hart and Lil Nas X
Kevin Hart and Lil Nas X

Kevin Hart faces criticism for being insensitive towards Lil Nas X's sexuality

ANI | Updated: Sep 05, 2019 16:12 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 5 (ANI): Stand up comedian Kevin Hart is facing criticism over interrupting Lil Nas X while he was opening about his decision to come out as a gay.
According to Variety, Rapper Lil Nas X, who is basking in the success of his latest song, was asked about coming out as a gay in the recent episode of HBO's 'The Shop: Uninterrupted.'
"And with all that early success, you felt it was important to make an announcement recently?" asked the moderator Paul Rivera.
Before the rapper had an opportunity to answer, Hart interjected and said: "He said he was gay, so what?"
Post Hart's interruption, the rapper explained that he grew up being encouraged to "hate that s-t," citing to homosexuality. Thereafter Hart cut in again and said "Hate what? Why?"
To which Lil Nas X responded, "Come on now. If you really from the hood, you know."
Further, he answered the initial question explaining that if he had decided to reveal about his sexuality at "any other time," it would have looked like coming out "for attention, in my eyes." But since he's "at the top," it's "for real."
"It's showing, like, it doesn't really matter," he added.
After the release of the recent HBO's episode, a viewer called out Hart's behaviour on social media.
"Kevin Hart knows exactly what the 'so what' is here and why a young black boy would closet his sexuality until he believed it was safe. Why not simply listen, give Lil Nas X space and deference to tell his own story...," wrote The Daily Beast's Goldie Taylor.
"Kevin Hart's rage and bitterness about anything to do with gay people are so jarring. Lil Nas X seems so stable and healthy and Kevin seems so....not okay," tweeted Vox's Desmond-Jenee Harris. (ANI)