Kristen Bell confident for bringing 'joy' at SAG awards

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2018 13:36 IST

New Delhi [India], January 18 (ANI): Kristen Bell has expressed excitement for being the first ever host of the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards by saying that she feels confident in bringing joy at the star-studded ceremony.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host confirmed, that was in fact the ceremony's first host and was the main reason she wanted to take on the honorary title.

She said, "I thought that's so cool and, you know, I'm a woman. My genitalia is irrelevant. It's not the first female host. It's the first host. I thought that was kind of cool."

Bell also admitted that she won't be necessarily nervous on the day of the show since she's aware that she won't "please everyone" with her jokes and hosting duties.

"I've sort of come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to please everyone, but I feel confident in that I can bring joy, which I feel like we need a little bit of right now and forward momentum," explained the 'Frozen' star.

The upcoming SAG Awards will have all-women presenters as well. The actress sees this decision as a "nod to the celebration of women."

She noted, "They say it's the actors' party in the actors' house and since actors are responsible for it, they feel that some actors have felt unrecognized or marginalized and they wanted to bring those stories to light and give them a forefront. So, they said, 'Okay, women, you're having a larger voice now. You're saying a lot of things. Let's give you the stage."

Men will still participate in the ceremony, introducing clips of the nominees in the film ensemble category as is the tradition, and male winners will get to take the stage.

The 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will take place on January 21. (ANI)