Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell recalls her and Dax Shepard's awkward Met Gala night with Beyonce, Jay-Z

ANI | Updated: Aug 09, 2019 09:53 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Aug 9 (ANI): Despite actor Kristen Bell's sky-reaching stardom, her husband Dax Shepard is the biggest fanboy of Beyonce and Jay-Z.
A few years ago, the actor accompanied her wife to the star-studded Met Gala and they happened to be seated at a table next to none other than Beyonce and Jay-Z, who Shepard is a huge fan of.
"We went to the Met Gala a couple of years ago and we were sitting right next to Jay-Z and Beyonce. When we found this out we were, forget it, we were so excited. And I was like, 'Oh this is going to be great, finally, after tonight, we'll have them in our phones, and we'll be best friends.' And then we maneuvered the table so that Dax could sit right next to Jay-Z and Dax talked his ear off and I don't think Jay was that interested," Bell said on an episode of the 'First We Feast,' on Thursday (local time).
"But I was proud of him that he went for broke! Talk to the person you love. I think at one point he also hit him with a lyric, I think he was like, 'Real recognize real!' And I was like, Dax, Dax, don't.'" she added, according to E!News.
Earlier too Shepard had expressed his admiration for the rapper, during 'The Late Late Show With James Corden,' saying, "I am the number one Jay-Z fan in America."
She further revealed that in addition to Beyonce and Jay-Z, their table seatmates included Kanye West and Sacha Baron Cohen and wife Isla Fisher.
"We did not belong there, but as luck would have it, I was seated right next to my hero Jay-Z. I said to Kristen, 'I hope he doesn't mind hearing his own lyrics repeated back to him.' I gave Jay-Z what I would call the platinum package. Everything was on the table--jokes, sincerity, admiration, you name it. I gave him like 120 percent and I promise you if we had bumped into each other in the bathroom mid-meal, he'd have no idea I was sitting at his table. I think all I was was like a roadblock to look at Kristen," Shepard said.
During her interview, Bell also opened up about the recent 'Veronica Mars' season four, which was released on Hulu in July, 12 years after the previous season and five years after fans crowdfunded a movie.
"The only reason that we are doing more 'Veronica Mars' is that our fans are ride or die and they are so loud. And they also are smart, which is flattering that smart people watch the show that you're in, that you're not mindless entertainment in the background. I mean, the fans have organized themselves. The first year when we were on UPN they were sending Mars bars into UPN saying 'Save Veronica Mars.' The second-year they were sending dollar bills, which was a part of the show that said, 'Veronica Mars is smarter than me.' The third-year they hired a plane to fly above the CW with a banner that said 'Save Veronica Mars.' I mean, they are organized," she said.
"With this new series on Hulu, it was our chance to make Veronica more complex, not necessarily give the fans what they want but maybe give them what Veronica needs," she added. (ANI)