Poster of 'Friends', Image courtesy: Instagram
Poster of 'Friends', Image courtesy: Instagram

Leave everything and search 'Friends' characters on Google for a surprise!

ANI | Updated: Sep 20, 2019 22:15 IST

New Delhi (India), Sept 20 (ANI): It has been 25 years since Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe first graced our TV screens in the NBC sitcom 'Friends'. But even after all these years, fans couldn't possibly forget the funny one-liners and silly moments and neither could Google!
The search engine is celebrating the show's 25th anniversary with a bunch of cool Easter eggs or hidden things related to 'Friends' and the iconic characters.
To feed fans' nostalgia, Google has added some of the most iconic scenes or dialogues by the leading characters of the show on its search engine website. Type the name of your favourite character on Google Search and tap on the icon displayed in the information card.
If you search Phoebe Buffay and tap on the guitar icon next to her name, a black animated cat pops up on the screen, and you can hear Phoebe singing 'Smelly Cat'.
When you search Joey Tribbani on Google, a slice of pizza appears on the screen and once the user clicks on the slice, a number of food items including burger, pastry, hot dog and sandwich can be seen and catchphrase of the character 'Joey doesn't share food' can be heard.
Similarly, after typing Ross Geller on the search engine, a couch appears and every 'Friends' fan remembers the scene involving Ross, Chandler, and Rachel taking the couch Ross' flat. Once you click on the couch, Ross's famous dialogue 'Pivot' can be heard while the search page tilts to the right. A second click will tilt the page to the left, while a third click will tear the sofa apart and Ross' dialogue, "OK, I don't think it's gonna pivot anymore," can be heard.
In the TV show, Chandler and Joey had adopted a chick and duck. So in order to keep the memory alive, Google symbolised both chick and the duck with Chandler. Once you search Chandler Bing, you will find the famous laying chair. Clicking on this will reveal a chick and a duck, inducing nostalgia to the third season of the series.
Monica Geller became popular for her being particular with cleanliness. Once you search Monica, a sponge will come out as you click on the bucket and will rub across Monica's name and makes it all clean and shiny before disappearing.
Rachel Green became renowned for her famous hairstyle. Once you search Rachel, her trademark hairdo shows up and upon clicking on that, images of the hairstyle will flood your screens.
And if you thought that the tribute ends here, then you are wrong, another surprise is waiting for you! For those who want to refresh their Friends vocabulary, simply type 'Friends Glossary' in search to keep browsing through words like 'Unagi', 'On a break', 'Joey's Apple', 'Gleba', 'Unfloopy' and their meanings.
'Friends' is the latest to be treated with Google's Easter eggs. The search engine has in the past hidden Easter eggs for Marvel Avenger's 'Thanos'.
To experience the trick, all you have to do is search for 'Thanos' on Google and click on his Infinity Stone-studded gauntlet, placed on the left-hand side of the screen. The moment you click on the gauntlet, the magic will begin. You will see all the search results slowly fading away. The Google page will automatically move up and down as the results tabs disappear.
Starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer, the beloved sitcom ran for 10 seasons on NBC between 1994-2004. It followed the story of six friends in their 20s and 30s who live in Manhattan, New York City. (ANI)