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Man delivers resumes dressed as Zomato delivery agent
Man delivers resumes dressed as Zomato delivery agent

Man delivers resumes dressed as Zomato delivery agent, Twitter reacts

ANI | Updated: Jul 05, 2022 20:28 IST

New Delhi [India], July 5 (ANI): It is not often that you find your Zomato delivery boy, handing you their job resumes. It is true that job searching is indeed a tedious task. However, Bengaluru's Aman Khandelwal seemed to find an interesting way out.
The man has created a buzz on the Internet as he disguised himself as a Zomato delivery agent and delivered his resume to several start-ups in Bengaluru.
Taking to Twitter, Khandelwal shared two pictures with the caption, "Dressed as a Zomato delivery boy I delivered my resume in a box of pastry. Delivered it to a bunch of startups in Bengaluru. Is this a peakbengaluru moment?"

In the first picture, the man can be seen wearing the typical red Zomato uniform which is worn by all Zomato delivery boys while the other picture showed a box having two pastries in them. In the second image, a paper was pasted on the inside of the box which read, "Most of the Resumes end up in trash. But mine in your belly."
Earlier, in another tweet, he wrote, "Thank you for all the support. Currently, I am looking for a management trainee or APM role at a good organization." Khandelwal also attached his LinkedIn profile in his tweet.

This Bengaluru resident's approach to finding jobs has drawn many mixed responses. Food delivery application, Zomato was clearly put off by his act, calling it an "impersonation".
"Hey Aman, hope your 'gig' landed you something meaningful. The idea was great, execution - top of the line, impersonation - not so cool," tweeted Zomato.

"This is iconic creativity. Only we Bangaloreans can come up with this," wrote one Twitter user.

"And, how do you feel now? Did it help in getting what you wanted? I hope it does," wrote another user.

"Is it just me who finds this absolutely cringe and crazy? Is it that easy to masquerade as a delivery boy from Zomato/Swiggy? Imagine the safety implications here," criticized a third Twitterati.

However, as soon as the news circulated far and wide on the micro-blogging site, a Digital Marketing Institute based in Indore, named Digital Gurukul Metaversity called upon Khandelwal to offer their "flagship program n "Digital Startup".
"Looking at your Marketing skill - We would like to offer our flagship program in "Digital Startup" for FREE with Internship! Hope it will surely make your belly & career in perfect shape," tweeted Digital Gurukul Metaversity.

Aman Khandelwal's tweet has so far garnered over 3,900 likes and received more than 200 retweets. What are your opinions on such a job hunt? (ANI)