Ningol Chakouba
Ningol Chakouba

Married women celebrate Ningol Chakouba in Manipur and Delhi

ANI | Updated: Nov 23, 2018 23:59 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 23 (ANI): Manipur has many festivals which showcase the rich culture and social values of the people. Among many such beautiful festivals, Ningol Chakouba, a feast meant for married women is one of the most important celebrations for the Meites in Manipur.
To show love and affection to the married daughters, Ching Tam Ningol Chakouba grant feast was recently celebrated in the state, jointly organised by Minority Socio-Cultural Organisation Manipur (IMSCOM), and United Peoples' Front (UPF), Manipur.
'Ningol' stands for married daughters and 'Chakouba' means an invitation for a lunch at the parental home. On the occasion of the festival, married women visit their parents' home in traditional attire with their children.
Varieties of cuisines like fish, iromba, chicken, and other varieties of traditional Manipuri dishes are served in the feast. After the grand feast, the parents and brothers present gifts to their daughters and sisters who in turn bless them all for happiness and prosperity in the days to come.
Meanwhile, in New Delhi, to mark the festival, the grand feast was orgnised under the theme 'To strengthen the emotional integration' and was held in the premises of Major Dhyanchand National Stadium.
The function was graced by Thokchom Meinya, MP Lok Sabha and Meenakshi Lekhi, MP Lok Sabha.
Cultural Manipuri folk songs and dance were also performed to celebrate the occasion.
Such festivals revive family ties and strengthen the bond of love and affection among families. Although the festival bears a significant impact on the society for married sisters, in general, it is a celebration of woman's importance in society. (ANI)