Meghan McCain (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Meghan McCain (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Meghan McCain gets upset with 'The View' audience regularly

ANI | Updated: Jul 26, 2019 20:36 IST

Washington D.C.[USA], July 26 (ANI): American television host and columnist Meghan McCain made a shocking revelation in an interview that she regularly gets upset with the audience of daytime talk show 'The View.'
McCain told Elle magazine in an article that was published online Thursday and as cited by Fox News that, "It's a very liberal audience in the studio, and they're very vocal. People are always looking to turn you into something."
The television show host says that she "is a disciple of her father's trademark "Straight Talk Express" according to the magazine and as cited by Fox News.
"My presence on the show has been, 'Nobody's going to bully me, nobody's going to talk down to me, and nobody's going to pull the kind of sh-- that's been pulled on a lot of people in this chair. And I will be vocal, and I will live in the moment, for better or worse,' she said but admitted she needs to be "less reactive."
McCain has regular arguments with liberal the show's co-host Joy Behar, which creates Internet fodder and the two can be seen in "catfights," according to Elle and as cited by Fox News. "Most of the time it's complete bulls---," she said, "but sometimes there's some truth to it."
She also admitted that she regrets hating hated Hillary Clinton on the show in 2016 and calling her "Crooked Hillary."
"I apologized on TV and said that I was contributing to the polarisation of this country. I really regret saying that. She was friends with my dad. It's really not fair," she said. (ANI)