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Former American President Barack Obama and former first lady of America Michelle Obama
Former American President Barack Obama and former first lady of America Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama talks about marriage on her latest podcast episode

ANI | Updated: Sep 02, 2020 21:20 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], September 2 (ANI): Talking about the latest episode of her podcast, Michelle Obama on Wednesday reflected on marriages and how she has taken it well with her husband -- former president of America Barack Obama, given its flip sides.
The former first lady of America, on Instagram, shared a video montage where she is explaining why one should not "give up" on marriage during difficult times.
Taking cues from her own personal life, the 56-year-old author went on to note that if one "walk away" from marriage during tough times, they wouldn't be able to the "beauty" that was there.

Sharing a glimpse of what her podcast listeners can expect from the sixth episode, the former first lady said: "You got to know that there are going to be long periods of time when you can't stand each other".
"I said it on the book tour as a joke, there were times that I wanted to push Barack out of the window, and I say that because you got to know the feelings will be intense. But that doesn't mean you quit," she continued.
In the latest podcast for this week, she will be heard having a conversation with Conan O'Brien, reflecting their own marriages as parents and also about the "importance of honesty, authenticity, and being your true self with your partner".

Earlier, during one such podcast episode, Michelle Obama had opened up about "dealing with some form of low-grade depression" in this week's episode.
However, she also hopped on to Instagram and assured her podcast listeners that she is "doing just fine" and there was no reason to worry about her, as many of her admirers constantly checked on her after the podcast session.
While on Barack Obama's 59th birthday, the former first lady extended birthday wishes dubbing him as her "favorite guy".
The duo often expresses their feelings for each other on the social media platforms and is defiantly one widely-loved celebratory couple.
The husband-wife duo had turned producer for their documentary 'American Factory' which received an Oscar nomination last year.
The documentary film 'American Factory' which is directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, revolves around the story of the occupation of a shuttered motor plant by a Chinese company's factory in the suburbs of Ohio.
Meanwhile, the Spotify podcast of the former first lady made its global launch on July 29 where her first guest was her husband.
According to Variety, the first episode of - 'The Michelle Obama Podcast' - saw Michelle and Obama talking about their life together since they left the White House in 2016. (ANI)