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'Sumi' producer Vinay Kamat
'Sumi' producer Vinay Kamat

National Award-winning film 'Sumi' producer Vinay Kamat says "regional cinema will soon become global"

ANI | Updated: Sep 30, 2022 17:49 IST

New Delhi [India], September 30 (ANI): With the 68th National Film Awards ceremony taking place on Friday, the team of the Marathi film 'Sumi', which won in two categories, has spoken about the reach of regional cinema and their journey on the movie.
Directed by Amol Vasant Gole, 'Sumi', set in rural India, is the tale of the struggle, ambition, commitment and friendship of a poor 12-year-old girl, Sumati, played by Akanksha Pingale. It also stars Divyesh Indulkar. The film won in two categories including Best Children's Film and Best Child Artist.
Speaking to ANI about the changing landscape of the regional cinema, the Producer of 'Sumi', Harshall Vinay Kamat said, "There has been a lot of meaningful content over the years. It is just that it has come into the public domain more because of the reach of accessibility; everyone now has mobiles and other devices. Regional cinema will soon become global cinema"
Coming to the film's award-winning cast, Akanksha, who started filming for the movie when she was about to enter the 8th standard in school, talked about the film and said, "When I came to know about the film's storyline during the workshops, I was very surprised. Sumi is a story about a poor girl who fulfils her dreams by going through several hardships. When I heard the story I was very motivated by this girl. I was glad to play the role of such a girl."

Akanksha further spoke about the moment when she and her family came to know that the movie has been honoured with the National awards, "I was totally clueless when the awards were declared. I was sitting on my couch when my dad came running to me. He was very glad and said 'Akasnsha you won national' and we all were dancing with happiness."
Divyesh, who also has a pivotal role in the film, talked about mostly getting rejected in auditions prior to 'Sumi' and said, "As I use a hearing aid, hence whenever there were auditions, I used to mostly get rejected. I am really glad that Amol Sir gave me this opportunity and this role now directly got me a national award. This has made me really happy."

The 68th National Film Awards were announced by a jury back in July 2022 at the National Media Centre in New Delhi. The jury comprised eminent filmmakers and film personalities from across Indian cinema. (ANI)