Netflix greenlights 'Bright' sequel

ANI | Updated: Jan 04, 2018 15:55 IST

Washington D.C. [U.S.A], January 4 (ANI): Despite scathing reviews, the streaming giant Netflix has officially greenlit a sequel to 'Bright', which starred Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in lead roles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has announced that David Ayer will write and direct the sequel, with Smith and Edgerton expected to return as, respectively, an LAPD officer and his orc partner. Original screenwriter Max Landis will not return.

The streaming service announced the sequel with a video showing Orcs "auditioning" for a role in the film on their official Twitter handle.

The film, which cost USD 90 million to make, hit the streaming service in December and was immediately panned by critics and endured a roasting by viewers on Twitter.

But despite the negative press, an average of 11 million Netflix users streamed the film in its first three days of release.

Set in an alternative Los Angeles, where magical creatures live among humans, Bright follows a veteran cop (Smith) who reluctantly takes on a new partner, an Orc (Edgerton) as they fight to protect a magical wand.

Ayer has continued to defend his film against critics, reacting to one negative review in particular by saying, "This is going on my fridge. Highest compliment is a strong reaction either way. This is a f-ing epic review. It's a big fun movie." (ANI)