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Late comedian Paul Mooney (Image source: Instagram)
Late comedian Paul Mooney (Image source: Instagram)

Oakland declares May 19 'Paul Mooney Day'

ANI | Updated: May 27, 2021 14:43 IST

Washington [US], May 27 (ANI): To honour the late legendary comedian-actor Paul Mooney, the City of Oakland declared on Thursday that his death date will henceforth be known as 'Paul Mooney Day'.
The City of Oakland is the land where the late legendary comedian was raised and sadly died of a heart attack on May 19.
According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Oakland City Council member Carroll Fife proposed the resolution to name a day after Mooney and recognise him for his "uncompromising social and political commentary and iconic contributions to Black arts and entertainment."
The resolution addresses Mooney as an "Oakland treasure--a trailblazing comedian, writer, producer, film and television actor with a career spanning four decades" and states that his legacy is "a shining example of the talent in Oakland."

Councilmember Fife told TMZ that the city council passed her proposal unanimously on Wednesday, so May 19, the day Mooney died, will "now be named in his honour for years to come".
According to earlier reports, the City Of Oakland was already planning to honour Mooney even before he died at the age of 79. But, after the sad news of his demise broke, the mission became more urgent.
Fife told TMZ that after Mooney died, she made a number of calls to people he was close with, including comedian and Oakland native, Luenell to ask them "how to do it".
She further told that Luenell was very supportive of 'Paul Mooney Day' and the two discussed a plan for it. She said next year the plan is to hold various events on May 19 to pay tribute to him, while also "celebrating other Oakland legends who are still with us".
On May 19, 2021, Mooney died of a heart attack at his home in Oakland, California, at the age of 79. (ANI)