Olivia Colman to replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in 'The Crown'

ANI | Updated: Oct 27, 2017 14:10 IST

London [UK], October 27 (ANI): It seems 'The Crown' has found his next Queen Elizabeth.

The Golden Globe award-winning actress Olivia Colman is all set to replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in the Netflix super-series 'The Crown', according to Entertainment Weekly.

The 'Night Manager' star will take over the lead for the show's third and fourth seasons.

Foy played the young Queen Elizabeth for first two seasons, and won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors guild award for her performance.

The second season is set to debut on December 8 on Netflix. Seasons 3 and 4 have not been officially ordered, but early production is said to be underway.

Colman was recently seen in the show 'The Night Manager', for which she won a Golden Globe for best supporting actress and was nominated for an Emmy award as well.

Last year, series creator Peter Morgan said that he intended to replace key cast members in later seasons, to better portray the main characters as they age.

The series tells the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, as the fragile social order established after the Second World War breaks apart.

Each season follows roughly a decade in the life of the Queen, and producers planned from the outset to recast their lead roles after season 2. The new season is expected to roughly cover from 1957 to 1964.

The second season of 'The Crown' is set to debut this december on the streaming service.

Season one castmembers Matt Smith (Prince Philip), Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret), Victoria Hamilton (Queen Mother) and Jeremy Northam (Antony Eden) will return. (ANI)