Oprah Winfrey (Image Source: Instagram)
Oprah Winfrey (Image Source: Instagram)

Oprah Winfrey was 'Grateful Beyond Description' after getting COVID vaccine

ANI | Updated: Mar 30, 2021 22:18 IST

Washington [US], March 30 (ANI): After getting the COVID vaccine, American talk show host Oprah Winfrey recently recalled that how after "the first shot" she felt "blessed" to be vaccinated.
According to People magazine, in a personal essay for her new digital platform Oprah Daily, the 67-year-old media mogul reflected on the profound relief and joy that she experienced after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
She wrote, "Stedman Graham and I were blessed enough to be able to create our own bubble at home during the pandemic."
Noting that they were very strict about letting people join them, she added, "Anyone who wanted to come from outside had to be quarantined in our guest house for 14 days. No exceptions, not even Gayle King."
Winfrey was also strict with herself, only leaving her bubble "twice in the past year: once for an eye infection, and a second time for a mammogram, which I delayed for 3 months."

While reflecting upon how emotional she felt after receiving her first shot, Winfrey talked about how her previous history with pneumonia had heightened her fears about contracting COVID-19.
She wrote, "The first shot, I wanted to cry but didn't, just from the overwhelming sense of relief. I'd had pneumonia the previous year, and my lungs were still sensitive. I was very much afraid of the toll COVID-19 would take on me; it's why I was so super strict about the goings and comings of everyone in my space."
Winfrey continued, "After the second vaccination shot, I didn't feel well for about 30 hours. I had all the classic symptoms: fever, chills, lethargy. But it was such a small inconvenience to be protected against a virus that's killed so many"
She further added that "I thought a lot during that time about the more than half-million people in this country who lost their lives because of this virus, and what they had to endure."
Once the side effects of the vaccine wore off, she said that she felt like "been given a new lease on life," although she's still being careful, "Afterwards, I felt like superwoman. But it hasn't changed my habits. I've still gone nowhere other than to do the interview with Meghan and Harry."
As per People magazine, looking towards the future, Winfrey said that she "may have an outdoor taco party" after enough of her friends have also been vaccinated. "I'm not ready to whoop whoop just yet...but eventually, I will ease into group gatherings. For now, I'm just grateful beyond description to have the vaccine." she wrote. (ANI)