Renee Kujur talking to ANI
Renee Kujur talking to ANI

Renee Kujur, Indian Rihanna opens up about struggles

ANI | Updated: Jul 15, 2018 13:41 IST

New Delhi [India], July 15 (ANI): Renee Kujur who is now recognized as Indian Rihanna has opened up about her struggles.
She faced ample to rejections before making it big in the career due to her dusky complexion.
Talking to ANI, Renee said, "People used to reject me saying she is dark and ugly. Now I'm successful. But my question is that if Rihanna wouldn't be there, would I be getting this love and importance'?
She also spoke about the hypocrisy and the obsession with fair skin in the Indian society.
Even though the world called her ugly she was in love with her colour and refused to run after "fairness".
Speaking to ANI, Kujur said, "People no more call me a model but an inspiration," adding "people click selfies with me and I feel like a celebrity."
Negativity has no place in her life, asserts Kujur.
The 33 years old model hailing from Chattisgarh's Pirai district owes a lot to Rihanna, the pop sensation.
Kujur says, her (Rihanna) struggle has lessened my struggle.
Currently, she is looking forward to breaking the stereotypes. (ANI)