Ryan Gosling plots unforgettable return to 'Saturday Night Live'

ANI | Updated: Sep 28, 2017 16:40 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 28 (ANI): Ryan Gosling is set to return on 'Saturday Night Live' when the show begins its new season this weekend.

But it seems like it is going to be a bumpy ride for him.

"All my life, I knew I could host SNL," Gosling says in a voice-over as we see flashes of his face and the New York City skyline.

The actor continued, "When I hosted it was magical, but you only got part of me last time. This time, I'm gonna give the world my soul. I'm gonna give them something they'll never, ever forget."

Gosling says that although his December 2015 first-time hosting duties were "magical," the audience only saw part of him.

"This time I'm going to give the world my soul, I'm gonna give them something they'll never, ever forget," promises the 'La La Land' star.

The video then cuts to Gosling at a security desk, where a guard tells him he's going to need a "visitor's pass" to get upstairs to the show.

"You run a tight ship, I respect that," Gosling says as he pretends to walk away.

He then makes a run for it, only to get stopped by security.

"That's the way out? That's the way out," he tells security as he heads to go get a guest pass.

'SNL' will continue last year's tradition of airing live coast-to-coast on NBC.

The season opener will also feature Jay Z as the musical guest. (ANI)