English actor Simon Pegg
English actor Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg admits rehab helped him fight alcoholism

ANI | Updated: Jul 09, 2018 21:50 IST

Washington DC, [USA] July 09 (ANI): English actor Simon Pegg admitted that rehab helped him fight with alcoholism.
The actor admitted that he lost the fight to alcoholism while shooting 'Mission: Impossible III', reported the Hollywood Reporter.
"When I watch that film back, I can see where I was then, which was fairly lost, and unhappy, and an alcoholic," the Hollywood Reporter quoted Pegg as saying.
Pegg said that alcoholism makes one not to give anything away that easily.
"People think junkies and alcoholics are slovenly, unmotivated people. They're not - they are incredibly organized. They can nip out for a quick shot of whisky and you wouldn't know they have gone. It's as if.you are micro-managed by it," he added.
Pegg confirmed that the signs of alcoholism were serious when he woke up in a hospital.
While undergoing treatment he was forced to get court orders to prevent media houses print news about his situation.
"They were sinking so low as to phoning up where I was and pretending to be my mother to get the story," he further said.
"I'm not ashamed of what happened. And I think if anyone finds any relationship to it, then it might motivate them to get well. But I am not proud of it either - I don't think it's cool like I was Mr Rock 'n' Roll, blackout and all that shit. It wasn't, it was just terrible."
Pegg is well known for his role as Benji Dunn in the Mission: Impossible film series and also that of Montgomery Scott in Star Trek (2009), Star Trek into Darkness (2013), and Star Trek Beyond (2016). (ANI)