Riya Raikwar (Image Source: Instagram)
Riya Raikwar (Image Source: Instagram)

Sudha Raikwar, mother of Miss India Taj Princess title winner, dies by suicide

ANI | Updated: Jul 11, 2021 16:32 IST

New Delhi [India], July 11 (ANI): Sudha Raikwar, mother of Miss India Taj Princess title winner Riya Raikwar, died by suicide in her house in Banda on Saturday evening.
The family members of the deceased have accused the police of mentally harassing Sudha which led her to hang herself. Riya and her family members allege that her mother had gone to Mawai Bypass area's police station to file a missing person report of her son Deepak, who had been missing for 2 days. There she was made to sit for the whole day and was mentally tortured, Riya said.
In the evening, embarrassed by the humiliation in Banda's police station, her mother returned home and hanged herself, family members claimed. "The police unnecessarily kept her sitting in the Kotwali for the whole day and mentally tortured her. In the evening when Sudha reached home, fed up with the police torture, she hanged herself," the family members claimed.

As soon as Riya and her family came to know about Sudha, they rushed her over to a Trauma Centre where doctors pronounced her dead. The news of Sudha's demise led her relatives to create a ruckus at the Trauma Centre, accusing the city's police of Sudha's mental harassment.
On receiving the information, CO RK Singh reached the spot with heavy police force, assured the family members of taking action and pacified them.
Divulging further details, Singh said that she and her husband used to provide financial services and they had some dispute regarding a transaction with some people. The police had called her to the station regarding this dispute, but after reaching home she died by suicide.
He then talked about Sudha's missing son and said, "We are also looking for her son, who had gone to Maudaha in Hamirpur in a Scorpio, and has been missing since yesterday."
Singh said, "Apart from this, the relatives of the deceased have levelled allegations against the police, which we are investigating. Action will be taken against whoever is found guilty in the investigation." (ANI)