Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles

'Supernatural' ending but Jensen Ackles says journey never going to be over

ANI | Updated: Aug 05, 2019 20:55 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Aug 5 (ANI): After 15 long years, actors Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and more 'Supernatural' stars are preparing to bid adieu to the insanely popular show. The cast and producers opened up about the looming final season and said the journey is never going to be over.
"We're looking at this as a true ending," executive producer Andrew Dabb said at the 2019 Television Critics Association summer press tour, reported E! News.
"And in a true ending, people can't keep coming back over and over They're going to be facing life or death. This time it's for real," Dabb added.
But that doesn't mean that it's the last time you will see the Winchester brothers.
"I think they'll continue to move forward, but this is just a long journey that I don't think is ever going to be over. I think we're just going to go away for a while. How long? I don't know," Ackles, who has portrayed Dean Winchester on all 14 seasons of the series, said at the beginning of the panel.
When asked to clarify his hopeful comments about a possible revival, the 41-year-old actor noted that he's going by a "never say never" mentality when it comes to the future.
"Look I'm not ever ready to close doors or burn bridges, I think that's foolish. Am I saying that there's something in the works? No," Ackles said when asked if there was already some type of revival or reunion in the works.
"Am I saying that I'd be open having a conversation about this in the future? What's the harm in that?" he added.
Over the years, both Ackles and Jared Padalecki had some thought about how and when the series will end, like after executive producer Eric Kripke told them of his five-year plan, but that ending wouldn't make sense anymore, according to Ackles.
"I love these characters. It hasn't grown old, that's not why we're entering the final season, but I certainly don't want it to grow old. This is a very special thing to me and I wanted to end in a way that does justice to what we've built in the last 14 and a half years," he said.
Ackles also added that they know they're not going to be able to please everyone with the finale, he said, "We just can't."
However, he said, "I think the majority of the fans, the people that have been with us through this journey, this is certainly going to feel right and it's going to feel good and it should for a lot of people."
Speaking on how they came to the decision to end the fantasy series now, there were many factors and it was a joint decision.
Padalecki said he and Ackles had many conversations over the years about when it will be time to say goodbye, and they both wanted to do it when the show was still going strong. They didn't want to overstay their welcome.
"You don't want to be the last person at the party, even if it's the best party on the planet," Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, said. Ackles, added, "We felt a duty to end it when it felt right and do it right. All signs pointed to this season. We all gave each other hugs and agreed and said, 'Let's do it, and do it right.'"
"Thought it would almost be poetic to almost say goodbye too soon," Padalecki said. "And we've been crying ever since," he added.
The series' 15th and final season premieres on October 10 at 8 pm on The CW. (ANI)