'Avengers: Endgame' poster, Image courtesy: Instagram
'Avengers: Endgame' poster, Image courtesy: Instagram

Teachers threaten misbehaving students with 'Avengers: Endgame' spoilers

ANI | Updated: May 04, 2019 17:48 IST

Washington D.C [U.S.A], May 4 (ANI): School teachers have found a unique way to ensure their students behave in class. They are threatening to reveal key plots of the highly anticipated film 'Avengers: Endgame' that had a massive opening this weekend.
With most students yet to watch the film, the threat by teachers is proving to be an effective step to keep students in line according to posts by users on Reddit and Twitter.
In the past week, various Reddit and Twitter users have posted pictures and videos showcasing an innovative strategy employed by their teachers: using the threat of spoilers as a way to ensure students behave well in class and stay focused.
One humorous and devious photo showed a substitute chemistry teacher allegedly writing letter-by-letter of a sentence that allegedly spoils part of the movie, whenever students spoke out of turn in the class
Another post from a Twitter user explained how a fellow classmate chose to answer every question to a recent assignment with a spoiler from the film, leaving the teacher unable to "grade it."
According to Business Insider and as cited by People, New York high school teacher Rebecca Shamsian shared that she first began threatening her students with spoilers, after one of them accidentally said that he hadn't seen the film yet.
When that same student spoke up in class later that day, Shamsian said that she "told him that if he didn't stop distracting people right now, I would tell him an Endgame spoiler."
She couldn't believe how effective the tactic proved to the students.
"I could see his eyes widen, and immediately he closed his mouth and turned towards the assignment. I have literally never seen such an instantaneous result with a student," she shared. "Needless to say, the rest of the period was perfectly on task."
Although not everyone may agree with this method, Shamsian said it's particularly difficult to keep students engaged in what's going on in the classroom as summer break approaches.
"When the weather is warm and the years almost over, the usual method of reminding them that their grade will be affected, or warning that you will call home, doesn't make an impact," she said. "But the one thing I know my students care about is Endgame."(ANI)