Theaters face loss as fight between producers, digital service provider prevail

ANI | Updated: Mar 06, 2018 15:22 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Mar. 06 (ANI): The theatre owners have become the sufferers as the fight between members of South Indian Film Industry Joint Action Committee (SIFIJAC) and digital service providers continue.

As per the decision of SIFIJAC, all the member producers, distributors, and exhibitors jointly went on a strike on March 2, against the exorbitant amounts being charged.

The movie theatres were shut down and consequently, owners and filmmakers faced heavy losses.

Srinivas Reddy, a theatre manager speaking to ANI, said, "Here in the fight of producers, exhibitors, and digital service providers, but is us that are being into a loss. Shutting down of theatres in such manner will have a humongous impact on the financial. However, there is no other way for us, as it is the producers who give us movies and we are obliged to listen to them".

Another theatre manager, G. Kumar, told ANI, "It is completely a loss for the theatres which cannot be made up now. Here, the theatres are unnecessarily getting involved in this. Generally speaking, Saturdays and Sundays are the days where we make huge profits, however, this time there wasn't a single penny.

On further asking, he commented, "This issue may be resolved today and our theatres might get permission to open tomorrow onwards. Or there are chances of it extending till Friday as well".

It's not just the theater owners which are facing the impact of the issue, members of the general public are getting miffed as well.

Sheik Mumtaz, a member of the public, shared his experience with ANI, "After spending our weekdays making a livelihood, we look forward to watching a movie for relaxation and entertainment. However, for past four days, including a long weekend, there is no such provision available for us".

He added, "We are not able to understand what their internal problem is but the public is suffering and it is not good".

After some discussion, the official date for reopening of theaters is expected to be announced on Wednesday. (ANI)