Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma (Image source: Instagram)
Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma (Image source: Instagram)

TV hosts Rocky, Mayur urge people to help revive Indian food, tourism industry

ANI | Updated: Jul 17, 2021 18:28 IST

New Delhi [India], July 17 (ANI): As the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on different sectors of the Indian economy, popular TV hosts and travellers Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma requested people to do their bit to restore the livelihoods of the needy.
"The luxury of sitting at home and doing nothing is not available for everyone. There are many people in India who do not have a choice of not working. They have to run their houses and without money that's not possible," Rocky told ANI.
"If they don't work, they will die of hunger. Houses will collapse and many houses have already collapsed due to no work amid pandemic. Tourist places, food outlets...almost everything was shut for so long. Thankfully, things are quite better now. So, I urge people to spend their money in India only...if they want to travel to a place where lockdown is lifted, then visit Indian places rather than going abroad. We all need each other's support," he added.
For the unversed, Rocky and Mayur recently travelled to Gujarat to shoot the fourth season of HistoryTV18's digital travel series #RoadTrippinWithRnM. In the series, the two are seen exploring different cuisines and different places in Gujarat with full COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

Rocky emphasised the need of becoming a safe traveller in COVID times.
"The main purpose of the series is to show people about how safe travelling can be done amid the ongoing pandemic. It's just that one has to be responsible enough to follow all the safety protocols. One can't travel with a casual approach. Maintain social distancing, wear masks, sanitise whenever you can. Also, talking about our series, we made sure not to involve big crew during travel," he said.
Speaking about Rocky and Mayur, the two have done their best to make people aware of different flavours of Indian food with other popular projects as well, including 'Highway on My Plate', 'Food Mad' and 'Food Xpress'.
According to Mayur, they are blessed to be in a profession where they have to 'eat dal roti' to earn 'dal roti'.
"Food brings people together. Our whole life revolves around it. From 'Highway on My Plate' to '#RoadTrippinWithRnM', we have tried to share our joy of discovery of food with people. It's an occasion of togetherness...And we have been blessed to eat different types of food and earn our living through it," Mayur said. (ANI)