Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams' son Kevin Hunter Jr.'s assault case dismissed

ANI | Updated: Jul 10, 2019 14:35 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], July 10 (ANI): American TV host Wendy William's son Kevin Hunter Jr.'s assault case has finally been dismissed.
Hunter Jr. pleaded not guilty in the case in which he was accused of assaulting his father Kevin as he appeared in court in June. Following which the prosecutor on Tuesday, reviewed the case and decided not to go ahead with any charges, reported Page Six.
Kevin had made it clear from the beginning that he didn't wish to see his son getting into any legal trouble.
Kevin in May was charged with simple assault, following a long quarrel in West Orange. He was processed and released by West Orange Police Department the same evening and was not taken to county jail.
According to reports by TMZ that Williams' who no longer stays with her husband said that Hunter and Kevin got into a physical altercation that resulted in the cops being called.
"I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally," Hunter Sr. said in a statement to TMZ.
"Things are not always how they appear," he added.
The television star dropped her son off at her house, not unknowingly that her husband was there. Though she planned to return shortly, but the father-son duo reportedly ended up making a quick trip to a nearby store in the meantime.
While standing in the parking lot of the nearby departmental store, the two reportedly got into a verbal quarrel about his divorce from Williams. Hunter claimed that his wife was attempting to "brainwash" their son.
The fight between the two got worse, with Hunter allegedly putting his son in a headlock. His son allegedly fought back and punched his father on the face. (ANI)