World Mathematics Day
World Mathematics Day

World Mathematics Day: Films that captured love for numbers

ANI | Updated: Oct 15, 2019 17:57 IST

New Delhi (India), Oct 15 (ANI): "This World Mathematics Day, celebrating the woman who made math fun," wrote Vidya Balan as she released a new teaser of her upcoming film 'Shakuntala Devi- Human Computer' on Tuesday.
The clip filled with numeric equations and formulas was the actor's way of commemorating the day dedicated to the most deadly subject - Maths!
Yes, every October 15 since 2007, people around the globe celebrate numbers and Maths. While it has been a horror for some, it was euphoria for some to play with numbers.
So, here's a look at some of the movies based on math enthusiasts:
Shakuntala Devi- Human Computer
Vidya's upcoming outing is based on the life of the mathematical genius of the same name who was able to make incredibly swift calculations on her fingertips.
Slated to hit theatres during summer 2020, the movie also stars Sanya Malhotra.

The Man Who Knew Infinity
The 2015 British biographical drama is dedicated to the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and is based on a book of the same name by Robert Kanigel.
It features the story of the self-taught genius Ramanujan, who fails out of college, but his determination takes him Trinity College.

The Imitation Game
This 2016 movie is based on the brain of Alan Turing, a British mathematician, who builds a machine to break the codes of Enigma machine. The film is inspired by true events is set during the Second World War.

The neo-noir film depicts the story of a mathematician who is obsessed with finding an underlying complete order in the real world and contrasts two seemingly irreconcilable entities: the imperfect, irrational humanity and the rigor and regularity of mathematics, specifically number theory.

A Beautiful Mind
It is about an antisocial but genius mathematician, John Nash who agrees to do some secret work in cryptography following which his life becomes a total nightmare. But his love for numbers is quite evident in the film.

Well, the subject might make you panic, but there's no harm in giving a second try and these films migh just help you!(ANI)