'I Am Not A SEX MACHINE' speaks about woman's self exploration

| Updated: Jul 15, 2016 23:31 IST

Mumbai, July 15 (ANI): The short film 'I Am Not A SEX MACHINE,' to be released on YouTube, speaks about a woman's self exploration. Produced by Shailendra Singh under his banner Long Story Short Films, the movie that stars Rupika Chopra and Ashrut Jain, conveys a strong social message. Written and directed by Shailendra Singh, it speaks on how she examines her individuality and herself in the context of a relationship with a man. The message conveyed here is that men are not entitled to sex with women, no matter what the relationship. Commenting on his choice such topic, Shailendra Singh said, "I have been taught all my life to acknowledge, respect and celebrate the creator. And for me, there is no bigger creator on this planet, than women. They create life." According to Whacked Out Media , who are optimising the promotional material on YouTube, the teaser for this short film ' I am not A SEX MACHINE ', has been well received and has created excitement and buzz around the release. Shailendra Singh has recently partnered with Whacked Out Media for audience development for his YouTube Channel. (ANI)