Actresses Swastika Mukherjee, Raima Sen weigh in to Parachute's #ConfidentInMySkin

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan. 19 (ANI): Popular Bengali actresses Swastika Mukherjee and Raima Sen have come up in support of the 'Confident In My Skin' campaign by Parachute Advansed Body Lotion (PABL) that promises to bring up a woman's inner glow to the fore and enhancing her confidence. They took to their social media handles to share their thoughts on the same. "@PABLskin Our choice of dressing or profession needs no one's consent but only ours! Supporting #ConfidentInMyskin," tweeted Swastika. Raima, on the other hand, wrote, " There's nothing as "most appropriate clothes" but only your confidence to pull them off @PABLSkin #ConfidentInMySkin" The brand highlights the importance that confidence plays in a young woman's life. Anchored yet unafraid, modest yet sensuous, it represents the kind of woman who believes in her ideals. The campaign stresses on the fact that it is solely a woman's choice to wear what she wants or the amount of skin that she shows, and nobody else has the right to dictate it. The TVC portrays how society comments on the choices the modern day woman makes.(ANI)