Even fever can't stop stars from 'Dishoom'ing today

| Updated: Jul 29, 2016 17:08 IST

Mumbai, July 28 (ANI): Looks like the promotional events for 'Dishoom' have taken a toll on the actors' health, but that doesn't mean they will stand and stare. John Abraham, who was feeling under the weather last week, revealed that his co-star Varun Dhawan too is down with fever and added that another team member, Jacqueline Fernandez, is unwell for the longest time. "For five or six days, I, Varun and Jacqueline have been really aggressive promoting this film. I think Varun has finally fallen ill; it was me the week earlier. He was boasting about not falling ill and finally he is down with it. Jacqueline's not been well for the longest time," he told media here during an event yesterday. On a related note, John, while speaking about promoting movies, said that a good film is more important than its promotional campaigns. "I think end of the day, only a good film will work. You can promote as much as possible, but if it is not good, the audience gets disappointed and it won't work. I think promotion is important to an extent." The Rohit Dhawan movie, after creating much hype with its trailer and songs, is finally set to hit the theatres today. (ANI)