Hyderabad celebrating 'Kabali' festival

| Updated: Jul 22, 2016 17:55 IST

New Delhi, July 22 (ANI): It's neither Makar Sankranthi nor Ugadi, but celebration in Hyderabad is no less than that; after all, it is Rajnikanth who has graced the theatres today. Rajni-fans in Hyderabad have gone crazy with the release of his latest venture 'Kabali.' From bathing his posters with milk to aarti to burning crackers, the fans are keeping no stone unturned to express their love for the cultural icon. "Rajnikanth is ultimate. He is the best human being in the world. So we don't want to see the cinema. We just want to see the Rajni frame," said a fan. "The best human being in India, rather in the film industry is Rajni sir. We have learnt a lot of things from Rajni sir. If we implement the message he gives through his dialogues in our lives, then our lives will be happier," stated another. "This movie is not limited to a region. Kabali is now a global-cinema. It's not easy to maintain such an elaborate career for 40-long-years. It's not an easy job to be stable and grounded with such fame and popularity. He has seen four decades, yet he has maintained that grace in him," told the third fan. Other than that, it was reported earlier that entrepreneurs, employees of start-ups, investors and mentors decided to assemble in Hi-TEC city and travel to the multiplex in a special 'Kabali' bus, wearing fan t-shirts. The 100-crore budget movie is expected to earn almost Rs 200 crore in two days of its release. (ANI)