John Abraham speaks up against animal culling

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi, July 11 (ANI): An avid animal lover, John Abraham, in the wake of the circulated video that saw a pup being thrown off a terrace, raised a question that why doesn't one cull human beings too? In a report by DNA, the 43-year-old actor was quoted saying, "I think they were let off too easily and it's sad because animals can't speak. It sets a precedent that it's easy to cull an animal and that's what so many state governments are doing - culling wild animals just so that they can reduce the population and 'maintain ecological balance'. I just wonder just why they don't do that with human beings, too? It would be great, no? (laughs)." The 'Rocky Handsome' actor further said that there should be stricter laws to stop cruelty against animals. "Though I am not in a position to speak about this and I'm not completely aware about the laws, but I think we need stricter laws for animals. There is no other way. We need to have laws in place that could actually control and bring people to book and stop them from harming any living being. We are talking about a pup being thrown off a terrace! Sad, ridiculous and unheard of!" he said. John has been seen time and again taking up initiatives for animals, whether it is auctioning his North-East United FC jersey for Animal Rahat NGO or calling on the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to make all circuses in India animal-free. The 'Dhishoom' actor has also starred in a PETA ad that called on everyone to let birds be free. (ANI)